Photodynamic Therapy

Reliable and Efficient Medical Laser Solutions

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) treatment involves a light source in combination with light-sensitive medicine to destroy abnormal and precancerous cells. This can be done non- or minimal-invasive.

Few parameters are important, when addressing PDT solutions. Parameters such as simplicity, high quality, low maintenance, reparability and cost optimized.

In Monocrom, we offer laser technology for Photodynamic Therapy based on Direct Diode Solutions in in 630nm, to meet the needs of the challenge in front. The solution is fiber delivered and cost effective.

Monocrom is an OEM manufacturer. but also offering standard products in short lead time. We adapt to customers needs with a high degree of flexibility and versatility for their developments.
Photodynamic Therapy

How PDT Lasers work?

The concept is to excite oxygen to its singlet state (1Δg), which is the lowest excitation possible, yielding in increased reactiveness of oxygen molecule. Oxidation and production of free radicals is a strong tool in cancer treatments. As tissue light penetration increases with wavelength, the treatment should address agents absorbing deep RED, such as chlorins, bacteriochlorins, and phthalocyanines. Addressing these agents allows improvement in tumour control. Especially, due to accelerated metabolism of fast growing tumour cells these agents automatically will be transported to the target area.