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MONOCROM products are widely and successfully used for scientific applications in fundamental research (physics, chemistry, biology). We manufacture an extensive selection of diode-based solid state scientific lasers and related products for Spectroscopy, Interferometry and Pumping applications, and can be used for others as well. These lasers fulfill particularly special and demanding technical specifications as required for scientific research.

MONOCROM offers solid state laser technology at CW or Pulsed, ultra-high energy or low energy, ultra-​stable beam pointing or any combination of features required for scientific research.

*We cover many other industries and sectors. If you know the application, we can do your laser! 

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CiOM Series



The CiOM S1 is a compact Nd:YLF-based diode-pumped solid-state laser that offers a dual wavelength output for scientific applications. Both wavelengths, the fundamental (1053 nm) and second harmonic (526.5 nm) are usable at the same time allowing to run the process with one of the wavelengths and to monitor it with the second one.

Key specifications are a pulse length of around 80-100 ns and pulse energies up to 350 µJ and 150 µJ for fundamental and second harmonic, respectively. The design repetition rate is from 8 – 12 kHz and it can be operated in any repetition rate from 2 – 20 kHz.

The compact and robust optomechanical design features of CiOM S1 lead to stable laser operation in challenging environments.



CiOM S2 is our workhorse coming in a compact form-factor with integrated third harmonic stage. The system offers pulse energies of up to 6 mJ in about 10 ns with repetition rates as high as 10 kHz. We are relying on our own gain modules that are used inside the resonator and amplifier stage, which are based on solder-free laser diode mounts.

Due to the high performance, such as homogeneous pump light distribution and superb cooling capabilities with the CiOM S2, the use of solid state laser diodes for pumping  significantly reduces maintenance cost and provides long laser lifetime. Our mounting technology ensures a long lasting and stable system, since we are avoiding any smile effect in our diodes.

The main purpose of this laser source is dye-laser pumping and it can be used for any other energy demanding application as well.



CiOM S3 is a Nd:YLF-based q-switched diode-pumped solid state laser system with integrated third harmonic generation. It is available as free space or fiber-coupled version delivering up to 2 W average power in 351 nm. The resonator relies on our in-house build gain-modules, which uses a solder-free laser bar clamping technology to achieve homogeneous pumping light distribution and long diode lifetimes.

These factors are essential for all our scientific lasers and thus will lead to stable operational conditions.  CiOM S3 offers pulse energies of more than 500 µJ at its design frequency of 3 kHz with pulse durations of less than 100 ns.

CiOM Select

CiOM Select

Monocrom CiOM Select is based on our CiOM S3 laser system and offers an additional wavelength selection option. It combines in one laser source a fundamental (1053 nm), second harmonic (526.5 nm) and third harmonic (351 nm) wavelengths accessible for experiments. Due to its internal wavelength selection mechanism all three wavelengths have the same orientation of polarisation and use the same exit window.

Pulse durations of 50 ns are only half as long as that ones from CiOM S3 and we also could increase the pulse energies available. To achieve good beam quality, high energy- and pointing-stability we are using our own in-house made gain modules that are based on solder-free laser diode mounting technology. This technology allows to generate an equal pumping distribution in the laser rod used and to minimize maintenance cost due to its long diode lifetime.