Analog Laser Drivers

DRV-CV-PS200 converts a power supply from PBA series by Cosel to a laser driver.

It is designed for laser pulses >5 ms.

Its configuration is far more compact than a conventional laser diode driver since it eliminates the need for large capacitors,

and associated electronics, increasing reliability and reducing cost.

DRV-CV-PS200 includes an internal security actuator which protects the laser diode against a possible power supply failure or a connection error.

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Operation mode CW to pulsed
Output current(1) <200 A adjustable from 0
Feeding voltage(2) <36 VDC
Feeding current for the internal electronics No required
Pulse width 0-5 V (digital input)
Current input signal 0-5 V
Internal current set signal Optional internal set
Pulse width input signal 0-5 V (digital input)
Rise time < 2 ms
Fall time < 2 ms
Frequency range 0-50 Hz
Monitor current signal 10 mV/A
Dimensions (90 x 90 x 20) mm
Operating ambient temperature range 0-45 ºC, non-condensing

1. The maximum current will be determined by the Cosel PBA power supply of choice AND the number set in parallel.
2. The feeding voltage will be determined by the Cosel PBA power supply of choice.

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