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LiOM Series

Introducing LiOM Series, S6, S9, S10 of very special, short pulse, fiber-coupled lasers for LiDAR applications. These lasers are designed for scanning, flash or iToF LiDAR applications, and can be used for others as well. All these modules are housed in the same enclosure and equipped with a “detachable” fiber. The driver electronics are located in the housing and the customer only has to provide the necessary DC voltage supply to operate the laser.

A more powerful variant of our LiOM S9 model. The maximum power is 1000 W with pulse duration of 100 ns. The higher power and the longer pulses have an influence on the pulse repetition rate, which is 10 kHz. Design application is iToF (indirect time of flight). We offer this model in two versions: 500 W and 1000 W peak output power from fiber.

  • Indirect Time of Flight (iToF)

DataSheet LiOM-S6/7



Laser module is designed for scanning LiDAR and impresses with its short pulse duration of 6.5 ns with a pulse repetition rate of up to 200 kHz. The pulses have a maximum power of 200 W. We can optionally deliver this module with fiber collimation optics.
  • Scanning LiDAR

 Datasheet LiOM-S9


LiOM S10

The requirement for eye safety and homogeneous illumination of the “field of vision” are decisive here. The application is gated imaging which comes close to the so-called flash LiDAR. That is why this module is equipped with a square fiber. The laser itself is designed as a CW and can be adapted to different pulse durations and rates with the appropriate driver electronics.
  • Gated images
  • Flash LiDAR

 Datasheet LiOM-S10/15

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