TEC Laser Drivers

  • Compact design
  • Bidirectional TEC Control
  • Switching technology: high efficient driver
  • NTC resistor as a temperature sensor
  • PID for precise temperature control (0,01º C)
  • Security stop when the sensor is open/shorted
  • External shutdown control 2,5 V
  • Reference voltage output
  • Current soft-start for controlled start-up
  • Visible running by LED

Output current <4.5 A
Max. compliance voltage 4.7 V
Supply voltage 5 V
Operation mode Automatic
Max. output power 20 W
Temperature sensor 10 kΩ @25º C, B25/100=3497
Temperature set Internal pot./input signal
Thermal power control PID
Cooling No required
TSET Temp selected (mV)
REF 2,5 V
ERR V between TSET and the TNTC
SDW Shutdown signal
VT = voltage across the TEC
FAULT = 5 V if exist a sensor problem
TOK = 0V if ERR < 1 º
OK Over temperature at TNTC
UT Under temperature at TNTC
Visual interface
RED right Over temperature
YELLOW right Under temperature
GREEN righ Temperature OK
RED1 center Heating
YELLOW center Cooling
RED2 center NTC error
Dimensions 68.8 x 33.1 x 16.6 mm
Operating temperature 15 to 40 º C